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Activator Community Resources

Activator Community Resources

Welcome to our new resources page for our Activator community. The aim is to provide in one place everything you need to get started with C-me. Here we will post content to help you develop your understanding of C-me and its applications, to equip you to facilitate one to one sessions and workshops and to help you promote and market C-me to potential clients and customers.

We will be regularly adding and updating resources so please do keep coming back to see what's new. We want this to provide really useful and practical tools that enhance your C-me experience so would love your feedback on what you find most useful and what else it would be helpful to see here.

Linkedin Activator Group:

If you haven't already, please also sign up to our Linkedin Activator group where we will post updates and we encourage you too to use this group to share your C-me stories and resources with each other.

In order to be invited to the group you will need to link with Lizzie Westlake on Linkedin who will then invite you to the group.

Marketing Material:

We've included here lots of downloadable pdfs that may be useful when pitching to clients, varying from background info on C-me to further details on specific applications. Please do read through and simply click and download any you'd like to use.

Why C Me

Continuing The Journey

Our Products

C Me And Your Business

C Me And Sales


C-me Logo

C-me Accredited Logo

Sample Reports:

We are always asked for samples of the different reports to help you contrast, compare and inform decisions when putting together solutions for your clients and customers. We have included anonymous samples here along with a little information on how they are commonly used.

High Performance Report: The High Performance report is most popular with corporate clients. This is our most extensive report and builds on the Core report with sections that look at behaviour in the context of high performance in teams. Look out for new developments in the High Performance Report coming soon.

Core Report: The Core report is our foundation report and is often used by charities and not for profit organisations.

Launch report: This is our youth report and is aimed at individuals pre-workplace.

We also have a number of sector specific reports:

Sales Report

Fundraising Report

Safety Report

Overview Report: Used widely in Recruitment and was designed to be a useful tool for those in that sector to help with shaping interview questions for selection panels in the early stages.

Sample Team Wheel

Case Studies:

Please do use these specific examples of the value others have gained from using C-me in a variety of contexts.

C-me Education & Leadership Case study

C-me helps develop pioneering leadership in schools

M+W Safety Case study

C-me & WRc Case Study

Workshop Materials:

These are materials you may find useful in a workshop setting particularly.

Activator Slides


We have been working on a number of podcasts and videos to help you develop your understanding of C-me and its applications. We hope these will help give you the confidence to get started quickly and build momentum in using C-me.

Video 1: Top Tips 1-5

Top tips for marketing C-me

Podcast 1: Identity and Authenticity

Podcast 2: Adapting to Others

Interview with Safety and Construction Leadership expert, Andy Littlecott.


Digital Training Programme

Introducing our exciting new Digital Training Programme. This has been designed to equip both our C-me Activators and Clients who want to go deeper with C-me. The aim is to increase your understanding of C-me and its potential applications, provide practical exercises to broaden your use and help you build confidence in using C-me in whichever context you find yourselves in, whether that be with clients and customers, with staff internally or with family and friends.

Visit our events page to book.

Activator Day

We have now set a date for our annual Activator Day so please do put 16th October 2019 in your diaries. This is a fab opportunity to get together, build community, share stories and learn from each other.

Again, please visit our events page to book.